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The Best UK Property Apps Of 2014

Flappy Birds? We still remember Snake on the Nokia 3310!

When I was a ‘young’un’ we were limited to 1-bit graphics, mobile phones that had 2 games maximum, and our ‘apps’ were usually a calculator, notepad and calendar!

Times are changing fast in the world of technology, with tablets and mobiles getting more advanced, smaller, thinner and lighter it is no wonder that it is difficult to keep up with the ever changing marketplace. The apps market is said to be worth a record £10 billion and there are really no signs of it going away.

We all need to adapt and move with the times, or we will be left behind, even when it comes to buying or selling property. More and more people are using the various apps and technology that is available for their property sales and purchases.

Apps can get you access to available property much faster than traditional methods, can keep you organised when it comes to selling, and can even provide you with lists of houses to view that are tailored to what you may like!

That’s not to mention the various mortgage apps that are around to show you the best rates, latest deals and up to date current information.

Below we have listed our top 5 favourite apps in the UK property sector for 2014.

1. Around Me
Available for: iPad, iPhone
Cost: free
When you first move to an area, especially if it is somewhere you aren’t used to, it is always a good idea to familiarise yourself where your nearest hospital is, where you can go for a tasty meal, or where to get your petrol from. With Around Me you can do just that.

2. Mortgage Assistant
Available for: iPhoneCost: free
This nifty free app allows you to view the lastest mortgage deals from across the UK. With up to date latest rates, and calculators to work out various costs it’s a great place to start your mortgage applications. Obviously you will still need to speak to a human at some point, but for intitial costing ideas it’s a great, useful tool.

3. Mobile Phone Coverage App
Available for: Android
Cost: free
There is nothing more annoying than moving into your dream home, only to find that your mobile phone doesn’t work unless you are 100 yards at the top of the garden! With this great little free app you can find out right away how good your signal is going to be. I wonder how much influence it will have on your purchase price?

4.HouzzAvailable for: Android, iPad, iPhone
Cost: free
If you have decided on your dream home, received the keys and ready to go shopping, it’s always an idea to get some idea of what is going to work and what is not furniture wise. With Houzz you can prepare mood boards and add scraps and images to create your perfect environment.

5. Zoopla
Available for: Android, iPad, iPhone
Cost: free
What better place to start your property search than Zoopla, the UK’s smarter property search. With latest listings, rental and sales, as well as property sale history it’s a must have for any investor or home buyer.

We hope you have enjoyed our top 5 apps of 2014, and if you have any suggestions feel free to add them in the comments box below.

Competitor Set To Launch Against Rightmove And Zoopla

UK estate agent’s in their masses have joined forces in rebellion to the ever increasing costs of advertising on Rightmove and Zoopla, with a plan to create a new online platform to advertise their stock.

Over 500 agents have signed up to what is being called Agent’s Mutual, and some of Britain’s biggest agents have declared an interest in the website. The battle for the UK property portal market has always only had 2 players, Rightmove and Zoopla, but with ever increasing costs from the two, it is no wonder estate agents who are already on tight profit margins are standing up against the giants.

Some estate agents have seen rises of 50% in costs for advertising over the past two years, and industry specialists are claiming that now is the time for an uprising.

Together the group have put together £6M in an attempt to create and brand the new service, as well as promote it to the general public.

Douglas & Gordon executive director Ed Mead said: “Agents’ Mutual will be a search engine purely designed for searching for property.

“No ads and the knowledge of thousands of agents to get the very best experience for the consumer.

“Actually using the existing duopoly’s sites is not good, and all of data they use as their own research is ours.”

Zoopla currently operates its own site and powers other domains using property searches, such as national and regional newspapers.

Mr Mead said the new co-operative will benefit from its on-the-ground knowledge.

“We wish to control it, which is not unreasonable, and use it to produce coherent and consistent data,” he said.

Do you think there is room for another property portal in the UK? Do you think £6M is enough to tackle the huge advertising budgets of Rightmove and Zoopla? Leave your comments below!