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Case Study: Mr And Mrs Blackburn

From time to time it is always a good idea to hear from other property sellers on how they have overcame obstacles when selling their property. One of the most common problems faced by sellers today is finding a buyer when they need to sell quickly. Mr and Mrs Blackburn from Swansea had this problem when they were trying to sell their 2 bed semi-detached house. Below we have looked at their situation in full detail so that you can make your own mind up whether this option may be suitable for you if you ever decide to sell your property in the near future and need to sell it fast.


How we sold our house online using a cash buying company by Mrs Blackburn.

“When it was time to sell our house due to myself and my husband retiring and my husband being unable to climb the stairs, we searched the property market and found a lovely bungalow that suited us perfectly. However, the problem came when we needed to sell our property. The seller of the bungalow was looking for a quick sale, and wanted someone in a position that could move quickly.

We decided to try various methods to get a quick sale, as we really didn’t want to lose our dream property. We advertised in newspapers, reduced our offer with the estate agents, but all we seemed to get was time wasters. Then my husband decided to go on the internet to check out what he could find and if any services could help up get a sale.

I was at first a bit apprehensive, as you hear so many negative stories about cash buying companies, and the media portrays them as money ‘vultures’. This did seem to be the case after a few phone calls to the main companies that were advertising on the internet.

However, we found one company (Better Price Paid) that said they were ‘genuine’ cash buyers. Again, I was dubious but their credentials all checked out, they were registered with the property ombudsmen and they provided an address, land-line number, and had good reviews online.

With some of the other companies asking for fees upfront, and demanding we pay for our own valuation, this company was completely free every step of the way (apparently), so we had nothing to lose.

We got a valuation done, and the valuer turned up 2 days later from our first conversation. The figures came back to us of what the company would pay, and we decided it was right to sell.

We got the cash in the bank in 9 days in total, and it put us in a position of being cash buyers. We even cheekly asked for a discount from our bungalow for being cash buyers – which was accepted.

All I can say to anyone deciding to sell for cash – don’t judge everyone the same. Some companies genuinely are out to help you. Shop around and you will find the right buyer for you.”

If you are interested in hearing more from Mrs Blackburn’s property sale, feel free to email us directly and we will put you in touch with the company she sold her property with.