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Treat your garden like another room

When it comes to selling a property, most people focus on the interior. They might repaint the exterior and clean the windows, but they almost invariably focus on the bricks and mortar rather than the garden and outside spaces.

However, while the garden may not be the most important part of the deal, it is still sold with the property. This means a nice house could be let down by a scruffy garden. It can also affect the selling price of the property. A nice garden will almost certainly add value and appeal, whereas a poor one that is overgrown and uncared for could reduce the levels of interest.

It’s definitely in your best interests therefore to make the most of what you have. You don’t have to be a keen gardener –you just need to be able to tidy things up and show people the potential. Apply the same rule outdoors as you do indoors – de-clutter, make it look presentable and make sure people can see what they could do with the space. In other words, it’s a good idea to treat your garden as another room – another space that can be viewed with the rest of the house.

For starters, focus on the front garden if you have one. First impressions really do count. Mow the lawn and get rid of any weeds. You should do this on your driveway as well. Even these two simple jobs will make a world of difference, and give an impression the entire property is well cared for (always a good impression to make). Once you have tidied the front garden move around to focus on the rear. Again, lawn mowing and weeding should be your first two priorities. Get rid of any rubbish that is sitting around and make sure you tidy away any children’s toys before the property receives any viewings. If the season is right you can always get a few colourful plants to put in pots or beds, to make the garden look more appealing.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to bring your garden up to scratch. Make sure you keep on top of the mowing and weeding until you sell your home, to ensure everything looks good for everyone who may view it at any point. You might be surprised how much difference these few steps will make. Try it at home now and see the transformation.