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Do you need an estate agent?

With the property market booming, and an abundance of buyers available through the ‘Help To Buy’ scheme, we are now questioning whether or not you actually need an estate agent?

Complete this simple quiz now to find out whether or not you could cope without an estate agent and sell your property yourself!  We will be posting the results of this market study on our blog in a few weeks when we have collected enough data.

Is Another Recession on the Way?

There have been lots of questions lately over the potential for a triple dip recession. Since the original heavy hitting recession of a few years ago, the UK has slid back into it once already. The thought that a triple dip could be on the way was branded as unthinkable by some.

Fortunately, a few hours before we wrote this post, it was announced the UK economy had actually grown – albeit by a slight amount – in the first three months of the year. The Office of National Statistics confirmed the improvement amounted to 0.3% over those three months.

This is good news of course, and it has allowed us to dodge the bullet of the triple dip recession. But will this good news last? We had a poor quarter of results at the end of 2011, followed by another two quarters of bad results to lead us into the middle of 2012. We then improved vastly last summer, thanks in part to the Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics. The final quarter of 2012 saw the UK in negative growth again though, so it is heartening that the country has managed to perk up again now.

In terms of the housing market, things have been cautiously improving in recent months. However, the overall picture is very different to the one you’ll see if you look deeper into the regional results. London and the South East have predictably healthy rises in house prices, whereas other areas such as Wales and more northern parts of the country are struggling.

In essence, even though we have escaped the idea of a triple dip for the moment, the threat is never that far away. The next three months will reveal whether we can breathe a sigh of relief, or whether the threat of the third recession since 2008 could still be on the way. We can only hope that mildly encouraging signs in the housing market give the economy something of a boost. It will of course take more than this to ensure the country bounces back from this prolonged period in the doldrums, but at least we are not alone. Many other countries are also suffering as a result of the biggest recession the world has seen for many years.

We shall keep watch and ponder the potential for a rise or a fall in the economy for the next three months.