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Does it matter how your property looks inside?

Here is a scenario for you. You want to sell your home and you have two ways of doing it. You can either put it on the market as it stands now, with all your personal possessions on show, or you can de-clutter, remove all those personal belongings and present your home as a potential home for someone else.

Which of these scenarios would make the most sense to you

If you chose the second one, you have picked the right option to go for. When people are looking to move into a new property, they will want to view the ones that appeal to them most. While some of these properties might be empty, the owners having already moved out, many others will still be lived in.

This is where problems can occur when it comes to selling properties. Some people don’t make the effort to dress their property for the benefit of someone who is considering living there in the future. This is why we recommend opting for a minimalist, understated interior when you want to showcase your property in order to get the best price. And we all want to sell for the best sum, don’t we?

We’ve all heard the idea of painting our homes in neutral colours when we want to sell them. It’s a common idea for a reason – it works. Neutral colours make spaces look bigger, calmer and more relaxing. They are more welcoming too, and that all combines to make the interior more appealing to a potential new owner.

Minimalist interiors also mean removing all your personal items so people can more easily imagine their own items in the room. They will also make it much easier to make a room feel bigger – which is another good way of making a house feel more inviting and a good choice to buy too.

Of course if you want to opt for a fast sale at a lower price you won’t have to worry about some of these aspects. But you should make sure your property is the best you can make it, since any method of sale will elicit a lower price if the property hasn’t been taken care of. The more you can do to ensure you are able to achieve the sale you need and want, the easier it will be to achieve your goal.

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How will you sell your home?

For most people, the obvious route to selling a property is to contact an estate agent and instruct them to sell it on their behalf. However there are other methods for selling properties, and nowadays these methods are being used more and more. You may still decide to go down the conventional route, but it is good to know there are other practical choices you could make as well.

For example, if you find you cannot sell your house via an estate agent or do not want to risk the uncertainty of the open market you may want to consider going down the route of auctioning your property off. This is generally reserved for properties that are in a poor state of repair and require investment to bring them up to a better standard.

Another option – one which can be easier if you are in a hurry to sell your property – is the fast sale route. This is better if you are eager to sell quickly and you are prepared to sell for a lower price in exchange for a guaranteed completion. You will have the advantage of knowing what the selling price will be before you agree to it, so you will know where you stand before you go ahead with the sale. If the price doesn’t suit you, you don’t go ahead. This is in contrast with the idea of auctioning a property and only having a reserve price to go by.

You can also choose to sell your property privately, bypassing the estate agent and selling it on your own. This means you will save a lot of money, but it also means you will end up with a lot more work to do. In short, busy people with busy lives probably won’t have the time to make the savings.

If you want to sell your home in the near future, it is a good idea to consider all the options so you can find the most appropriate one for your needs. Most people automatically opt for an estate agent, but in some circumstances it is better to go down another route. By looking at all the possibilities you can make sure you are able to choose the best one for your needs.

You never know, you might sell more quickly and easily if you decide to bypass the estate agent and try another method of selling your home. The ideal choice will be the one that combines a speedy sale, a good price in the current economic climate and offers the least risk.

Can you sell a run down property?

It is a fact of life that some properties are in better condition than others. While some are well taken care of and look their very best, others look a bit uncared for and require some work.  Some are simply lived in and mature over the years along with the owners.

One question many people ask is whether it is still possible to sell a property that requires work. The answer is yes – all you need to do is find the right buyer. Of course, in reality things are a little more in depth than this. Generally speaking, the more work a property needs to have done on it, the lower the sale price will be. The buyer will offer a price that takes into account the investment they would need to make in the property. If the property requires £10,000 to bring it up to a reasonable standard, you would expect to sell it for £10,000 less than you could get if it was in good condition.

There is also the question of how easy a property is to sell if it is in poor condition. Some people look to buy a property they can just move into, without having to worry about doing lots of work. In other cases some buyers are prepared to get stuck in and improve a property if they see one they feel has potential.

As you can see, there are different situations to be aware of here, and there is no one instance where one rule applies over another. In the case of the fast sale housing market, most properties can and will be bought, regardless of their condition. However, as we have already seen, the purchase price will bear in mind the work that needs to be done on it.

So this is really good news for you if you own a rundown property and you want to sell it on as quickly as possible. It is wise to consider the options you have in front of you, which are to sell it as it is or make some improvements so you can sell it for more money. Time is another factor that comes into play here – do you realistically have the time to spend improving and renovating your property, or would you benefit from selling it ASAP?

Once you know the full picture you can decide what to do in your situation.

Once again it becomes a scenario of how motivated are you to sell?

A property that requires lots of work doing, particularly if it is structural may put people off on the open market.  Lets face it, these days there’s enough choice around!  On the other hand though some people on the open market go for properties that require a lot of work as they want to personalise them and like a project.

Another option would be an auction, typically speaking a lot of properties that require work end up at auction. A benefit of an auction is you can set a reserve price, therefore if it the property doesn’t reach that reserve price it doesn’t sell.  However, the majority of the time auctions have large fee’s attached to them and then its always a case of people actually have to turn up to bid.  Therefore, whilst an auction can be a good route to sell a property requiring work it is far from guaranteed.

Whereas a fast sale company like ourselves will offer a guaranteed purchase on any property in any condition.  Completion can be carried out within a week and we don’t charge a fee to purchase the property from you.

In summary, there are many options for selling a rundown property in need of  a little TLC but as always each one carries different levels of guarantees, fee’s and of course a difference in how much you will receive.

If you are motivated to sell quick and don’t want the hassle of the open market, the risk of sales falling through due to survey and want a quick and easy cash sale then our team are on hand to discuss your fast sale option today.

How Easy Is It To Sell Your House

How Easy Is It to Sell Your House?

While the housing market has picked up of late, it is still far from the high point it enjoyed just before the recession kicked in a few years ago. While it is perhaps easier to sell your house now than it was in the depths of the recession, it is not always a straightforward and simple process.

However, there are things you can do to make the process easier. Read on to find out some of the simple steps you can take to sell your house faster.


If people are going to come and inspect your house, make sure they can imagine seeing themselves living there. This is harder to do if you have personal clutter, photos and trinkets in every room. Depersonalise so potential buyers can imagine themselves staying there – it makes it easier to sell.

Redecorate – inside and outside

This doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Indeed, you may be surprised at what you can achieve with the aid of a paint brush and a pot of paint. Repaint the exterior of your property and the interior as well, so everything looks fresh and clean. Remember, first impressions count for a lot when viewing property, and the impression someone gets when they see the exterior of your home can make a big difference to whether you sell or not.


Consider different methods of selling

When it comes to putting a property up for sale, we tend to think in terms of approaching estate agents first of all. However, it is worth remembering this is not the only route you can take.

There are companies that specialise in fast sales that can be completed in a matter of days. These are not suitable for everyone, but if your intention is to sell as fast as possible for some reason, they are worth looking into. Similarly, there are many online businesses that help sell homes, so there are other options to consider.

In truth, some properties will be easier to sell than others. However, all it takes is finding the right buyer to help complete a quick sale. If you take the steps listed above you will stand a much better chance of finding that buyer and selling your property faster than may have been possible otherwise. In the current climate, this could be a good thing if you want to move on.

Getting a House Ready for Sale

If you have decided the time is right to sell your home, it is vital to think about staging your property in order to achieve the best result. If you’ve never heard of staging before, now is the time to find out more about it. Staging can make a big difference between getting an average price and getting a good price for your property, not to mention getting a faster sale.

Don’t think home – think property

Selling your home can be an emotional experience. You may have lived in it for many years and become attached to it in many ways. However, selling it means giving it up to someone else. The sooner you start thinking of it as a saleable property the easier it will be to get it ready to sell.

Strip it down

Now is the best time to pack away as much as you can. Even though you may not sell your home for a while, you might get a fast sale. You will also stand a better chance of selling your home quickly if you present it as a blank canvas for someone else to use. Put things into storage if you have to – the idea is to take yourself out of the property so someone else can more easily imagine themselves there.

Start cleaning!

Okay so no one loves cleaning that much, but this is one time when it will really pay dividends to get stuck in. Clean your windows and windowsills inside and out, and clean the front door too. Sweep any paths and tidy the garden up (again, front and back) and make sure you run the vacuum round indoors too. If you have stained carpets it can often be worth getting them professionally cleaned. Either that, or hire a cleaner and do it yourself.

Replace anything that needs replacing

This could be anything from a leaky bathroom tap to the wallpaper peeling off in the spare bedroom. Sometimes it is better to invest a little money in certain parts of your property, in order to get a better result when it comes to selling it. You might be able to get a slightly higher price and sell faster than you would otherwise.

By putting these few steps into practice, you can make sure you get the best possible result. If you want to sell your home fast, you can help make it happen.

Ways to Make Your House Sell Faster

When you make the decision to put your home on the market, you want to get the fastest sale you possibly can. Fortunately there are a number of ways you can increase the odds in your favour. Let’s go through some of them now so you can see how easily you can sell your home fast.

Go for a realistic price

It’s a good idea to request several valuations of your property from different agents. You can then take their estimates and make your property available for sale at a good price that will tempt buyers. Pricing too high can mean your property will sit on the market for months, perhaps even longer.

Go for a good first impression

It doesn’t matter how good the interior looks if the front garden hasn’t been introduced to a lawnmower in years and there are weeds growing in the path. Make sure you give the garden (if you have one) some TLC. A little goes a long way. Clean the front windows and frames too, and give the exterior a fresh coat of paint. None of this costs very much, but the time and money invested could well result in a much faster sale. It can even influence the asking price.

Get rid of your stuff

De-cluttering can make a world of difference. It makes your rooms look bigger and it takes away the impression someone is living there. It also means potential buyers can picture themselves living in your property without having to look at pictures of your kids on the walls. Put everything you can in storage – you might even benefit by removing some items of furniture if you don’t need them. Bookcases and the myriad of books they hold is a great example of this.

Grab some fresh tins of paint in neutral colours

Yes, we’ve heard the neutral colours argument before, haven’t we? But it’s highlighted for a good reason. Bright colours might be ideal for you but calmer more natural colours are better when it comes to selling your property. They make a room look bigger and also more welcoming and relaxing – just the impression you want to give when you’re looking for buyers.

You can see it isn’t as simple as putting your property on the market. However, spending a little time and money making it look and feel at its very best will ensure you get the best price in double quick time.

Selling Your House At Auction

If you are thinking about selling your house, you may be tempted to sell at auction. Auctions are a great way to sell your property, but on the negative side, chances are you won’t get full asking price for your home. It is likely to sell for much lower, and often way below the valuation.

You should only really consider selling at auction if you have struggled to sell property by other means. For example if it has structural issues, or is in need of a severe renovation.

It may be that you property is rare and highly sought after. Maybe someone famous use to live there, which gives it added value. These types of property also do well at auction and it can attract a lot of publicity.

Similar to ebay, there are things like reserve prices, and ‘buy it now’ prices you can set which help you get the price you are after.

One of the major disadvantages of selling via an auction is the cost. It is one of the single most expensive ways anyone can sell a property. A typical auction house commission is 2.5% as well as VAT.

What’s worse is, if your property fails to sell at auction you will still have to pay an auctioneers fee, typically around £1500 – £2000.

If you think your property would do well at auction, why not go down to an auction house and find out a little bit more.

You could even sit in on a live auction to see exactly what happens.

Remember, don’t raise your hand unless you want to buy!