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Sell House Your Soon! Market Is ‘Volatile’ States Halifax?

Latest research from Halifax, Britain’s biggest mortgage lender, has shown that house prices are predicted to grow at a rate of £13,500 this year alone, meaning that the average UK property will be valued at £187,000.

With property prices rising by £10,000 on average last year, this year is expected to see property price increase even higher, and like that of 2007, Halifax are expecting a further property boom in the UK.


However, it’s not all good news from the lender, Halifax also expressed a concern that the market is currently ‘volatile’, and they also found with independent research that 51 per cent of people asked believe that 2004 is the best time to sell a property, as opposed to just 39 per cent believing now is not a good time to sell.

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Buyer confidence is back in the market place, and it can be seen with the amount of property that is being sold. The huge concern from most experts is that we are in a property cycle, and most homes are going to be out of reach for first time buyers if the price increase continues. This is especially apparent in the city centers, and in London in particular.

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